DISC Based Workshops, Training and Coaching

Without doubt the quality of any workplace is directly impacted by how well (or not) people communicate with each other. How people build relationships has a massive influence on how engaged, effective and productive they are!

Research has shown 93% of (in)effective communication is determined by behaviour. This means behaviour is vitally important in developing healthy productive workplaces. Conversely virtually all disagreements are due to behavioural misunderstandings rather than factual ones.

A good useable understanding of behavioural styles is known to make a significant difference in developing individuals and teams who are engaged, collaborative, feel understood and have high trust.

In developing our courses, our approach has been to make the training practical and easy to implement, equipping people with the understanding and tools they need to make longer lasting adaptive change.

DISC Flow® New Zealand provides DISC based training courses, workshops and coaching through our network of Certified DISC Flow® trainers, all specialists in their own areas. Let us know your requirements and we can match you with the course and trainer most suited to your needs.

Communications and Team Building

Great communication is a prerequisite for developing High Performance Teams. When team members have a good understanding of their own style and those they work with, they are able to communicate more effectively and consequently work better with each other.

DISC Communications workshops are an effective way to quickly improve communications in your organisation, build trust, and grow team effectiveness. 

The same principles learned in this workshop can also be applied externally to improve client relationships and sales.

Learner Takeaways:

  • Understand their own DISC style including Prominent Behaviours, Potential Strengths & Limitations, Decision Making and other categories
  • Learn about the styles of others worked with
  • Identify tips and strategies to make communications more effective
  • Understand their own level of Emotional Intelligence and how it affects workplace interactions
  • Develop a personal plan for behavioural growth and change

Leadership and Management

Managing others has never been more complex. Managers and leaders are expected to grow employee engagement and build effective teams while operating in complex quickly changing business environments, staff working remotely, and the increasing expectation by employees to be better heard and understood.

Tailored specifically for managers and leaders, this course will increase the critical skills needed to lead and develop others more effectively. Attendees will not only gain a thorough understanding of their own leadership DISC style and the impact it has on those they work, but how to communicate and manage the differing personalities more effectively.

 Learner Takeaways:

  • Understand their own DISC leadership style, their Potential Strengths and Limitations, Motivators, Communication Style, Stressors and Crisis Management
  • Learn the style of those they lead including what to watch for and what their needs are
  • Understand their own level of Emotional Intelligence and how it affects their leadership
  • How to manage employees with differing styles including challenges in developing them and overcoming obstacles
  • Learn tips for productively remote working with different employee DISC styles
  • Managing experienced versus inexperienced staff
  • Develop an action plan to grow their effectiveness as a leader

Conflict Management

Let's be honest...conflict is pretty much inevitable when you work with others. People have different viewpoints and, under a certain set of circumstances, those differences escalate to conflict.

Using the DISC framework, we see conflict often occurs when people with different styles present information in a way others find unpalatable. For example, a person who is a big picture thinker may come into conflict with another individual with a high need for detail, and visa-versa. When these frustrations arise and pressure increases, the individuals default often is to become more entrenched in their innate behaviours adding to the conflict.

DISC in Conflict Management has proven to be a powerful tool enabling individuals to understand innate destructive tendencies which can arise under pressure, and how to manage them.

Learner Takeaways:

  • Understand DISC style Productive and Destructive Tendencies in conflict
  • Identify personal triggers leading to Destructive responses
  • Develop strategies to manage Destructive responses

Conflict Management can be even more effective when combined with coaching.


DISC Flow® profiles have been developed specifically with coaching in mind. With Personal Tips for Development included in the profiles, users are better able to understand where behavioural change would benefit them, and plan their desired outcomes.

In order to maximise the results of both personal and team goals however, it is important for there to be goal tangibility and accountability. Our DISC Flow® Certified Coaches will help you achieve your goals by assisting you to frame them better, measure progress and keep you motivated towards them.

To find out more about these DISC Flow® solutions contact us.