Flow 360 report


Emotionally intelligent leadership has a significant impact on the success of an organisation. It is proven that Leaders who possess higher levels of emotional intelligence are more able to effectively manage their own emotions and those of their team members, resulting in better communication, increased collaboration, and improved productivity.

FLOW360® combines feedback from direct reports, peers, managers, and others who work with your leaders, to help them improve their performance and deliver on strategic goals. It is a way of getting an accurate assessment of the behaviours and attitudes of your leaders and managers as they go about their daily business.

It is based around a behavioural competency framework; a competency being a set of behaviours which have been shown to be important to success in a leadership or management role.


  • 26 competencies available to choose from
  • Measures 8 to 12 competencies 
  • Summary and detailed competency information 
  • Identifies critical competency alignment between candidate and manager
  • Strengths and potential blind spots identified
  • Free form comments
  • Action planning

.Download sample Flow 360 report.

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